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T he sequence stratigraphic framework for Tobra and Dandot Formations correspond one second order composite sequence with time span of 13.
The composite sequence of sedimentary rock on the Earth, supposedly deposited by the Noachian Flood, approaches 100 miles thick.
The deduced amino acid composition of the composite Dpfp1 sequence, without signal peptide sequence agrees well with that of native Dpfp1 (Table I), suggesting that the composite sequence described above is representative of Dpfp1 mRNAs present in zebra mussel foot tissue.
Two observations suggest that the composite sequence generated from these data sets is likely to resemble full-length transcripts for Dpfp1.
Mori's team, using previously published data from Blattner's group, actually produced a composite sequence of more than one E.
The species affiliation of each strain is the same whether the phylogeny is based on the composite sequence (fig.
Measures of DNA polymorphism were determined separately for gyrA, polC, rpoB, and the composite sequence, based on the numbers of shared and nonshared restriction recognition sites (using eqs.
The sequence stratigraphic framework correspond one second order composite sequence with time span of 25 Ma.
Several techniques (X-ray, magnetic susceptibility, color reflectance) allow detailed between-hole correlation and the construction of continuous composite sequences from multiple holes drilled at the same site, such as during Leg 138 in the equatorial Pacific.
On the basis of present and previous biostratigraphic work the assigned stages are; Induan and Olenekion to Mianwali Formation corresponds two second order composite sequences with time span of 5.
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