composition roofing

built-up rib

A rib made of laminations of timber of various sizes.

built-up roofing, composition roofing, felt-and-gravel roofing, gravel roofing

built-up roofing
A continuous roof covering made up of laminations or plies of saturated or coated roofing felts, alternated with layers of asphalt or coal-tar pitch and surfaced with a layer of gravel or slag in a heavy coat of asphalt or coal-tar pitch or finished with a cap sheet; generally used on flat or low-pitched roofs. Also see tar-and-gravel roofing.
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Both of these gauges are still used regularly in the field to help professionals determine the original warranty of composition roofing shingles.
The roofing "has heat-reflecting particles impregnated into the composition roofing that help the house stay cooler in the summer and help absorb heat in the winter," he added.
I've read that it looks like and only costs a few thousand more than conventional composition roofing. On sunny days the roof is supposed to generate more than enough electricity to power the home it's covering, even with air conditioning, and the surplus goes back to SMUD.
Red composition roofing and putty-colored stucco walls complete the look.