composition shingles

asphalt shingles, composition shingles, strip slates

Shingles manufactured from saturated roofing felts (rag, asbestos, or fiber glass) coated with asphalt and having mineral granules on the side exposed to the weather.
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Do you think asphalt composition shingles would be more practical?
makers of asphalt composition shingles changed their from-the-factory warranties, offering limited lifetime warranties on all products rather than warranties spaced in 5- to 10-year increments.
"In the United States, the average cost to replace a 4,500- to 5,000-square-foot roof with 25-year three-tab composition shingles is now more than $12,500," continued Spector.
The community sits on approximately 13.5 acres and will feature craftsman-style architecture, with a combination of masonry and Hardi siding, pitched roofs, and composition shingles. The unit mix is weighted toward 1-bedroom with an overall average of 776 square feet.
* Use fire-resistant roofing construction materials such as tile, composition shingles, metal and copper
Holton and Beggs (1997) studied two roof constructions, one with traditional dark-brown asphalt composition shingles and the other with a brown plastic roofing material.
Working on his hands and knees Friday with composition shingles that partially melted in the heat as he worked with them, Putzier of River Roofing said he tries to perform a "shadow dance" by working from one shaded area to another as the sun shifts in the sky.
But there's also a synthetic product meant to displace the 30-pound felt commonly used under everything from composition shingles to clay tile.
Material costs for IR shingles run 50% to 100% more than for conventional composition shingles. To help offset the higher costs, the Texas Department of Insurance initiated a plan that requires all insurance carriers in the state to offer premium reductions to homeowners opting for impact-resistant roofs.
These imported lifetime slates, although heavier than composition shingles, are lighter than a tile roof.
The roof is covered with composition shingles. Gutters channel rainwater into a 44-gallon plastic trash container, which serves as a cistern supplying the sink inside--an inexpensive plastic storage bin with a drain hole drilled through the bottom.