comprehensive planning

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community planning

The process of planning a future community, or the guidance and shaping of the expansion of a current community, in an organized manner and with an organized layout, taking into account such considerations as convenience for its inhabitants, environmental conditions, social requirements, recreational facilities, aesthetic design, and economic feasibility. Such planning includes a study of present requirements and conditions as well as projections for the future, and often includes proposals for implementing the plan.
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It also addresses changes in planning practice, including best practices for integrating sustainability into the comprehensive planning process; and it weighs how comprehensive plans effect change and how they are assessed and held accountable.
Wisconsin's controversial comprehensive planning law is relatively innocuous compared to the accusations critics have leveled at it this year during an ongoing repeal effort.
The thirteen-member group met in November to begin the comprehensive planning process for Coney Island and create a coordinated economic development strategy.
WHEREAS, recognizing that better management practices will increase overall health and robustness of urban forests through comprehensive planning and joint implementation efforts; and
The purpose of this article is to evaluate the fiscal effect of new growth management systems by examining the impact of the Florida Omnibus Growth Management Act (GMA) of 1985 on comprehensive planning expenditures of local governments in south Florida.
this township-wide rezoning project is the largest planning initiative recently undertaken by the community and it is the direct result of a multi-year, community driven, comprehensive planning process.
Jeb Bush and the Department of Community Affairs (DCA), passed comprehensive changes to the 1985 Local Government Comprehensive Planning Act and related statutes.
The Rail Yards have been called one of the last frontiers for development in Manhattan, as such Borough President Fields felt that it could be used as a model for comprehensive planning in consultation with the community.
Because of its complexity, comprehensive planning is sometimes offered only by experienced CPAs who limit their practices to PFP services.

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