compressed wood

compressed wood, densified wood

Wood which has been impregnated with resin and subjected to a high pressure to increase its density and strength.
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It is a compressed wood byproduct, as you learned from the home inspector.
But I believe there it's all compressed wood. Indian wood is much better."
The company boasts that it generates 70 percent of its electricity from compressed wood pellets rather than coal.
The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry added that Belarus was advanced in the technology of wood cutting and the manufacture of wooden furniture, which will open up prospects for other industries such as paper and compressed wood, explaining that arrangements are to be made for the meeting of businessmen, contractors and private companies working in these areas.
28 April 2017 - UK-based electrical power generation company Drax Group plc (LSE: DRX) has now completed the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of US-based compressed wood pellet operation Louisiana Pellets, the company said.
The five factories will operate in producing desert air-conditioners, compressed wood, fodder and plastic products.
Compressed wood panels (CWP) is a biomaterial that can potentially address common issues with fast-growing wood, including low density, high perishability, and low mechanical strength.
Compressed wood probably will not last the trip, and would be more cost effective to replace specifically for your new space.
The cork styled cap is made from compressed wood, according to the company.
You can pretend you are only taking off 0.010 inches, but you aren't fooling the sanding belts or the hand sanders who have to fix your damaged, compressed wood.
The biggest surprise lies in the materials - not expensive oil paints, porcelain or bronze but the kind of stuff you might find at a DIY wholesaler's: OSB board (compressed wood strands and glue), Fablon and chip foam.