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The process uses a polymer cap-and-cradle system in which the compressive load applied to each trace is precisely controlled ultrasonically to assure simultaneous, even distribution of energy.
* Maximum compressive load = 800,000 lb (approximately 363 metric tons).
When the compressive load was applied parallel to the fibre direction (Figures 5 and 6), in specimens with a low fibre volume fraction (0.4%), the failure pattern was similar to that of ordinary concrete, and the concrete in the specimen collapsed at a large area of the surfaces.
In the current paper, an experimental study was conducted to investigate the hysteretic behavior of reinforced air-entrained concrete columns under alternative actions of freeze-thaw cycles and seawater corrosion when subjected to persistent eccentric compressive load. The crack development of the studied columns during the process of multiple attacks was also examined.
Typical failure modes of HSC mixes tested under compressive load: (a) R, (b) CM, (c) DM and (d) H.
Our previous study revealed that this structure could deliver a compressive load isotropically to cells in the scaffold, and it had an effect on cell proliferation [33, 34].
One way to compare the effectiveness and performance of a connecting rod in an engine is to plot its normalized specific mass (total mass/length in g/mm) against its maximum compressive load carrying capability in kN, as shown in Figure 12 for most engines currently in production by the automotive industry.
(2) The initial elastic modulus of limestone is not sensitive to the stress rate under the uniaxial compressive load, while the dynamic compressive strength shows a strong strain rate effect, which has an exponential function relation to strain rate and the correlation reaches 99.20%.
Two injury metrics are generally referenced for assessing the potential for compressive thoracolumbar injury; the Dynamic Response Index (DRI) and the compressive load measured between the pelvis and lumbar spine using the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) title 49 part 572 subpart B anthropomorphic test device (ATD).
Web elements are sized, curved, oriented and comprised of varying thicknesses of material which facilitates buckling when subjected to a compressive load. By buckling, those elements in a deformed portion of the tire between a wheel and a footprint region where the tire contacts a surface can assume a significantly reduced portion of the load, if any.
The machine applied load axially on the cube specimen at constant rate until a minimum load which corresponds to the ultimate compressive load was recorded as the failure load for that cube.
The unique properties of metallic foams which are excellent in energy absorption will lead to better improvement of FRP composites especially when subjected to compressive load. Metal foams with open porosity have high specific surface areas which are excellent in energy absorption as well as heat transfer medium.