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In addition, elected members can claim for broadband, mobile phone and computer costs, plus travel and food expenses, although guidelines apply.
The company promises to give paying customers access to the power of a quantum computer through the cloud, though it fails to say where the quantum computer is located or who owns it - and considering the only commercially available quantum computer costs around $10 million, this is a significant issue.
2m, primarily due to increases in cash profit sharing expense on increased profits, personnel costs and computer costs, all of which occurred in the North America segment.
While a modem to connect an additional computer costs EUR 9.
For Parliament, the EPP and S&D groups confirmed their CONT vote in plenary and rejected greater transparency on members' allowances, in this case the amount for general overheads (for supplies, telephone bills, computer costs, etc) of 4,299 per month, paid without having to show proof of expenditure.
According to a conservative estimate, Pakistan can save a huge foreign exchange by encouraging used computers and IT equipment as used computer costs less than $40 as compared to the new one, which ranges from $300 to $600.
Dr Bruno Michel said future computer costs would hinge on green credentials rather than speed.
Stolen laptops could cost companies an average of $49,246, with computer costs and the value of data included, according to a study released in April by Ponemon Institute.
A two-year warranty extension on an entry-level $600 notebook computer costs up to $200; the same on an $80 printer was priced at $35, and the best one-the optional "protection package" on a $130 cellphone-was $70.
TJX yesterday said initial investigation, legal and computer costs related to the intrusion cost $5 million in the fourth quarter ended Jan.
A computer costs pounds 535 so we were thrilled to have helped raise a staggering pounds 750 on the night.

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