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(Consumer Electronics Show) A major trade show for consumer electronics, audio/video and computer hardware and software held in January in Las Vegas. Sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the 2020 show drew approximately 100,000 industry attendees, 68,000 exhibitor personnel and 6,000 in media.

The first CES was in New York in 1967 and subsequently in Las Vegas in the winter, occupying the Las Vegas Convention Center and several hotels. For many years, there was a Chicago CES in the summer. Major products have been introduced at the show, including the VCR, CD, DVD and HDTV. When the huge COMDEX computer show in Las Vegas was abolished in 2004, CES became the largest technology expo in the U.S.

High-Performance Audio
For the past several years, CES has hosted a High-Performance Audio expo that brings together hundreds of audiophile equipment vendors and their new products. The audio vendors demo their equipment in hotel rooms in order to audition their systems in isolation (see audiophile). See trade shows, COMDEX and consumer electronics.

A Gigantic Show
For people in the field who love gadgets, CES is Nirvana and a lot of fun. Like COMDEX used to be, CES is a huge show and just as exhausting with long lines for hotel buses and the Vegas monorail.
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Rolling Stones Magazine's video The Story of Radiohead's Classic Album 'Ok Computer shows how Radiohead made the 1997 album to show how technology is gradually isolating people and turning them into lonely paranoid androids.
But Elle's computer shows she was haunted by a desire to be thinner and more beautiful.
The computer shows all the information about each order, right down to where the emblem should be placed on the tumbler.
We had Sinclair Spectrums and all those things and used to come here to computer shows.
A police examination of his computer shows strange searches.
Tapping into the promise of emerging markets is a key theme for the 2,600 participants at the WEF, even as India's eye-poppingly cheap tablet computer shows how the competitive landscape is changing.
A picture of the computer shows a 12 Megapixel camera fitted to the computer.
Computer shows that he is absconding from his sponsor!" then I said: "I am his father and sponsor!" and she smiled and took four of us to the officer's cabin.
If the garage computer shows a fault code for the O2 sensor, beware.

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