computer storage device

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computer storage device

[kəm′pyüd·ər ′stȯr·ij di′vīs]
(computer science)
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storage device

A peripheral unit that holds data without power until purposely erased. Computer storage comprises internal and external hard drives and solid state drives (SSDs); however, optical discs and USB drives may also be used.

In smartphones and tablets, the built-in flash memory is the storage. Smartphones may also allow insertable flash memory in the form of microSD cards. Datacenter storage devices are typically arrays of hard drives or SSDs. In the past, magnetic tape was widely used. See magnetic disk, SSD, SD card, magnetic tape, optical disc, USB drive and memory card.
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The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has lost a second significant insider trading case -- involving a California-based computer storage device business -- following the recent clearing of Nelson Obus, manager of the Wynnefield Capital hedge fund, of insider trading allegations.
The 27 industries include telecommunications and semiconductors as well as aircraft manufacturing, including engines and engine parts, aluminum production, computer storage devices, guided missiles and other military equipment.
MANILA -- HGST Inc., a US-based manufacturer and retailer of computer storage devices and services, targets to make the Philippines the center of its global operations in three to five years given the engineering capabilities of the Filipino workforce and the strong support it is getting from the Philippine government.
Four computer storage devices for the California Department of Child Support Services went missing somewhere between Boulder, Colo., and Sacramento earlier this month while they were in the possession of IBM and Iron Mountain, Inc, the department announced .
The communications with his inner-circle were sent via plug-in computer storage devices called flash drives.
Magnetic Random Access Memories (MRAM) are the most important new modules on the market of computer storage devices but offer short access times and unlimited writing properties.
Coventry Magistrates' Court heard how Wayne Elliot, of Elm Tree Avenue, Wood End, stole three computer storage devices to the value of pounds 54 belonging to PC World.

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