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The two airlines then began integrating their computer systems.
Durability and bug fixes: Does the computer supplier promise to maintain and support the computer system (including promptly fixing reported bugs) during the warranty period?
While we scan e-mails and files like crazy and keep our antivirus software as current as possible, we just can't seem to keep these pests out of our computer systems. According to the Computer Security Institute, the monthly rate of computer virus infection in U.S.
The computer system ferrets out and displays related claims from different maps.
The office computer system needs to be secured from outside attempts to read or destroy confidential information.
It was Robert Hanssen's familiarity with the FBI's computer system that allowed him to exploit it despite its security.
The development of a unified computer system for salespeople will signify the first step in a series of preparatory measures the duo will take prior to the planned merger, they said.
A new worm called Spider-B has been spotted in the wild that targets computer systems running Microsoft SQL Server.
Although many state and federal laws define terms, such as "unauthorized access to a computer system" and "computer sabotage," neither Title 18 nor any of the state penal codes provide a definition for the term computer crime.
As we evaluate computer security in our organizations, it is important to look at identifying computer system vulnerabilities and correcting these vulnerabilities.
NTT Data plans to start developing the computer system next April and launch the computer centers in April 2003 in two locations -- the Tokyo metropolitan area and western Japan.

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