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The amount of insulation which will maintain normal skin temperature of the human body when heat production is 50 kilogram-calories per meter squared per hour, air temperature is 70°F (21°C), and the air is still.


On drawings, abbr. for closet.
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Realtors are consumed with creating computerized loan origination systems (CLOs), controlled business arrangements (CBAs), joint ventures or strategic partnerships, and large corporations like American Express and American Airlines are offering mortgages to their members as a value-added perk.
Another technology that has further spurred the use of computerized loan origination tools is the increasing popularity of reliable, computerized local area networks (LANs).
That rule expressly declared computerized loan origination (CLO) systems legal (without providing any details), reversed HUD's previous position on payments to employees for referral activities and formally rescinded all existing informal opinion letters.

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