computing device

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computing device

Any electronic equipment controlled by a CPU, including desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets. It usually refers to a general-purpose device that can accept software for many purposes in contrast with a dedicated unit of equipment such as a network switch or router.
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Computing Device


a decision-making device that automatically performs one mathematical operation or a sequence of them in order to solve one problem or class of uniform problems. Computing devices can be autonomous or part of a complex system. As a rule, autonomous compuling devices are used as auxiliary means in executing calculating, design, and other problems (for example, a slide rule, a curvometer, or a planimeter). As part of complex systems, computers fill specific functions, such as that of interpolator in a machine operation system. There are analogue computers (continuous action) and digital computers (discrete action). A special class of analogue computer is formed by models; an example is the calculating board of alternating current—the mock-up of an energy system executed on a predetermined scale. Combined analogue-digital computers are occasionally used.

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