computing device

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computing device

Any electronic equipment controlled by a CPU, including desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets. It usually refers to a general-purpose device that can accept software for many purposes in contrast with a dedicated unit of equipment such as a network switch or router.

Computing Device


a decision-making device that automatically performs one mathematical operation or a sequence of them in order to solve one problem or class of uniform problems. Computing devices can be autonomous or part of a complex system. As a rule, autonomous compuling devices are used as auxiliary means in executing calculating, design, and other problems (for example, a slide rule, a curvometer, or a planimeter). As part of complex systems, computers fill specific functions, such as that of interpolator in a machine operation system. There are analogue computers (continuous action) and digital computers (discrete action). A special class of analogue computer is formed by models; an example is the calculating board of alternating current—the mock-up of an energy system executed on a predetermined scale. Combined analogue-digital computers are occasionally used.

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This is particularly important on mobile computing devices such as laptops or PDAs, which have the ability to support creative branding strategies.
This goal is achieved by redistributing the computational load among many computing devices.
Psion Teklogix has a reputation for providing reliable mobile computing devices that can withstand the wear and tear of the field," said Jim Estill, CEO, EMJ Data Systems.
The integration of Shipcom Wireless software with Psion Teklogix mobile computing devices provides customers with a range of additional data collection options for all types of environments.
This new agreement will enable Quest Solutions to provide our customers with superior mobile computing devices that will function in all types of rugged environments.
The ability to integrate the AccuCode software with Psion Teklogix' mobile computing devices provides customers with additional data collection options, allowing them to easily migrate from bar code scanning to RFID technology in their warehouse environments.
AFS will now sell Psion Teklogix' line of rugged mobile computing devices and professional services as part of its complete wireless bar code scanning Warehouse Management Solution that includes software, hand-held and vehicle mounted bar code scanning computers, wireless network equipment and professional services.
Xpoint will leverage IBM's device management technology to bring their industry leading solution to the service provider marketplace for pervasive and PC computing devices," said Frank Wang, President and CEO of Xpoint Technologies.
11a/b/g Mini-PCI and CardBus radio modules to manufacturers, VARs and systems integrators of mobile computing devices, as well as providers of wireless infrastructure equipment for wireless Internet service providers (WISPs).
NYSE: SBL), a global leader in enterprise mobility solutions, today announced that it has integrated the Federal Information Processing Standard for cryptography (FIPS 140-2) into its line of rugged, wireless mobile computing devices.

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