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(1) A composition for soloist with orchestral accompaniment intended for concert performance. It differs from the concerto by its smaller scale (either each of the movements of a cycle is brief or there is only one movement; a one-movement concertino is often called a Konzertstück) or by the use of an orchestra of small dimensions (a string ensemble, for instance).

(2) The group of solo (concertizing) instruments employed in a concerto grosso or symphony.

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The New Harvard Dictionary of Music states that the word concerto comes from the Italian concertare, to join together, and that it is related to the Latin concertare, which means to fight or contend.
Viadana's Salmi a quattro chori per cantare, e concertare nelle gran solennita di tutto l'anno (Venice: Giacomo Vincenti, 1612) mirrors almost exactly the contents of Gallo's Salmi del Re David.
Jonathan Wainwright, the director of Concertare singers, searched through the manuscripts to provide the basis for this recording made, appropriately enough, in the Chapel of Merton College.

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