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(1) The first violinist of an orchestra; performs the violin solos and sometimes replaces the conductor at rehearsals. In 18th-century instrumental chamber groups, the concertmaster served as conductor.

(2) The leader of one of the string groups in an orchestra (violas, cellos, basses).

(3) A pianist who accompanies vocalists during their concert performances and helps them prepare their parts.

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There are charts towards the beginning of each chapter listing the concertmasters in order for that orchestra, a symphonic "score card" if you will, to help keep the names and information straight.
They would ask if there was anything written up about so-and-so or who's who, concertmasters they had either worked with at summer festivals, or had been inspired by their recordings, or knew their reputations.
New concertmasters explain how they must prove themselves to the orchestra members, yet are never really part of them because of their leadership position.
These concertmasters enjoy playing chamber music, coaching, teaching, giving master classes, and some even aspire to conducting.
It is striking to see how much concertmasters value Stradivari, Guadagnini, and Guarneri instruments--and how addicted to fine violins were certain concertmasters in the days when such instruments were somewhat more affordable (p.
It is hard to imagine how he would have been more successful, but Mischakoff was modest about his abilities and preferred the supporting role of the concertmaster to the spotlight of the soloist even then.
After winning the competition, Mischakoff played several recitals, and it was after hearing one of these that Walter Damrosch hired him as concertmaster of the New York Symphony Orchestra (which later merged with the New York Philharmonic).
After taking a solo engagement with the Chicago Symphony in 1930, Mischakoff was hired as their concertmaster.
During the summer seasons at Chautauqua, just as he did during the regular season, he maintained a teaching studio and led the Mischakoff String Quartet in addition to his duties as concertmaster.