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(1) The first violinist of an orchestra; performs the violin solos and sometimes replaces the conductor at rehearsals. In 18th-century instrumental chamber groups, the concertmaster served as conductor.

(2) The leader of one of the string groups in an orchestra (violas, cellos, basses).

(3) A pianist who accompanies vocalists during their concert performances and helps them prepare their parts.

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Himmelman had decided Olga was to be first chair, which would also make her concertmistress. This would, of course, knock Arielle out of the position.
Asim is a practical guy, and often told us "Not important, just play." One conductor spent three or four minutes talking to Rebecca (in Bosnian, despite the concertmistress's attempts to tell him she didn't understand), she turned to Asim for a translation and he simply pointed to a note and said, "Accent."
The original idea had been to choose one winner, but after six competitors - all under age 18, according to the rules - finished their auditions, judges Danail Rachev, the symphony's music director and conductor, and symphony concertmistress Kathryn Lucktenberg decided to take the top two finishers.
The Philharmonic's usual concertmistress, Joanna Kurkowicz, was the violin soloist and, in fact, Korde, who is a professor of music at Holy Cross, wrote the piece for her.