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concerto grosso:

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, musical composition usually for an orchestra and a soloist or a group of soloists. In the 16th cent. concertare and concertato implied an ensemble, either vocal or instrumental.
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Concerto Grosso


ensemble-orchestral music of the 17th and 18th centuries based on the juxtaposition of a group of solo instruments (the concertino) and the full orchestra or ensemble (ripieno, or tutto).

A type of concerto, the concerto grosso originated in Italy in the mid-17th century, almost simultaneously with the solo concerto. The concertino usually includes two violin parts, a cello, and a figured bass. This was also the instrumentation for the trio sonata, which was prevalent at the time. At first the number of movements varied from four to seven, but with time the three-movement concerto grosso—allegro-adagio-allegro—became standard. Wind instruments were sometimes used with the string instruments.

A. Corelli, G. Torelli, and A. Vivaldi are among the out-standing Italian composers of concerti grossi. In the 18th century the genre spread to other countries. In Germany, G. P. Telemann, J. S. Bach, and G. F. Handel wrote works that were similar in style to the concerto grosso. With the resurgence of interest in baroque music, some 20th-century composers, including M. Reger, E. Křenek, and I. F. Stravinsky, have turned to the concerto grosso form.

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Strings in the city: With the Orchestra of the Swan - free massed performance of Vaughan Williams' Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra.
This particular piece, his Concerto Grosso "Follia," is based on a tune that several heavy-hitting composers have taken a smack at over the centuries - Marin Marais and C.P.E Bach as well as Liszt and Rachmaninoff.
Within three years the eight-dancer company had taken on challenges as diverse as Jose Limon's formal Vivaldi Concerto Grosso, Anna Sokolow's angst-ridden Steps of Silence, and the lush lyricism of Nocturne by Donald McKayle.
En otras palabras, entramos en un juego de espejismos donde el primero concierto anuncia el concerto grosso barroco, que propiciado por el carnaval, anticipa a su vez la opera.
1, Concerto Grosso No.1), keep the emotional temperature as cool as the overcast, wintry weather outside.
He of the unrequited love is young Canadian bass Robert Pomakov, who is heard immediately after the work's sprightly overture in an expressive recitative, "La terra e liberata," and its ensuing aria, "Pende il ben dell'universo." (The original overture has not survived and is replaced in this recording by the opening movement of Handel's Concerto Grosso Op.
This led to his first symphonic work, the neoclassical Concerto Grosso (1931), first performed in Germany in 1933 but not in Palestine until 1939, where it was included in a concert of Jewish music.
This is really a study of orchestral practice, repertory and musical taste in this period of transition: it shows how a more treble-dominated style replaced the concerto grosso style and how the structure of the orchestra itself was to change accordingly.
The seven chapters on Stradella's music are packed with information, providing general readers with access to the exotic world of Seicento music-making, music analysts with useful data about the genesis of the concerto grosso and the ensemble sonata, and performers of early music with enough qualitative assessment of Stradella's works to encourage a bolder exploration of them than hitherto.
Jeanne Wolfe exposes development abuses on Montreal's McGill College Avenue in "Concerto Grosso." Kent Gerecke and Barton Reid critically examine the Canadian planning establishment's current icons in "False Prophets and Golden Idols." Hans Blumenfeld's "Mismatch between size of households and of dwelling units" examines the disparity in housing between physical requirements and marketplace responses.
"Trumpet Glory: German Baroque Masters" features soloists from the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra who will play Handel's "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba" and Concerto Grosso No.