concrete admixture

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A material other than water, aggregates, lime, or cement, used as an ingredient of concrete or mortar, and added to the batch immediately before or during its mixing; used as a water repellent, as a coloring agent, as a retarder or accelerator (to modify its setting rate), etc.
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Grace Construction Products is a provider of concrete admixtures, fibres, surface treatments and liquid pigments designed to make concrete stronger, longer lasting, crack resistant, aesthetically pleasing and cost efficient.
into East Africa and the launch of a concrete admixture production plant in Ethiopia, consumers in the region are expected to access a variety of quality coatings and paints products to feed the increasing construction industry at competitive prices.
Meanwhile, BASF Construction Chemicals has been manufacturing concrete admixtures in the UAE since 1979.
E'wida, Mapei market manager: concrete admixture, said: "The 100% growth in the sales of our admixture line is an important milestone that underlines the reputation of Mapei as one of the most trusted and recognisable brands in the UAE construction market.
Rheoset is a leading manufacturer of concrete admixtures in Brazil.
Sika is raising its proximity to customers in these developing markets and continuing its successful expansion with one new production plant for concrete admixtures in Myanmar and another one in Cambodia.
Lignin is a key raw material in conventional and mid-range water reducers, retarders, and other concrete admixtures.
Other new product innovations from Mapei include specially-developed precast concrete admixtures in light of the growing demand for precast concrete, which now accounts for up to 30% of the UAE's concrete construction market.
Huge infrastructure projects and high autonomous construction growth in North and Northeast Brazil will open up more windows of opportunities to concrete admixtures manufactures until at least 2014.
The new plant is an extension of Sika's existing concrete admixture plant, the capacity of which has also been increased.
Alternative delivery # 2 replacement of bedding mortar granite slabs with a micro fiber concrete admixture of Prosecco or equivalent.
Complementary to Sika's existing concrete admixture plant in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, the state-of-the-art manufacturing plant will drive forward the mortar business in the country by broadening the current product portfolio and opening up new market segments.