concrete bond

concrete bond, concrete bond plaster

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Artificial neural network model for steel concrete bond prediction, Engineering Structures 31(8): 1724-1733.
To maintain mix characteristics necessary for required concrete bond, 18- to 24-hour initial set and 26- to 45-hour final set, engineers approved a molasses-based, set-retarding admixture: Sika Plastiment ES, dosed at 17 oz.
In one section of Rein, Bellow, which premiered at The Duke as part of the 92nd Street Y's "92 on 42" series, Young fashioned a concrete bond between dancers, rigging them to an elaborate pulley system.
For earthquake resistance, the walls are built over a grid of steel reinforcing bars that extends into a concrete bond beam (a reinforcing beam capping the walls), which is left exposed as a design element throughout the house.
Contact strength and deformability is determined by: chemical steel and concrete bond, mechanical strength of contact, friction between concrete, steel and anchors [19, 20].
Breaking our concrete bonds, We munch our way towards Pharaoh.