concrete curing blanket

curing blanket

A built-up covering of sacks, matting, burlap, wet earth, sawdust, straw, or other suitable material placed over freshly finished concrete; such covering is moistened to supply water in the early hydration process, and tends to maintain a uniform temperature.
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Each concrete curing blanket features a deep black on the exterior to provide maximum temperature gain from solar heat, thereby maximizing interior insulation layer R values ranging up to 7.7.
Supporting the new array of Concrete Curing Blankets offered, Tarps Now[R] provides a variety of stock or standard sizes of concrete curing blankets ranging from 12-mil, 1/2-inch closed cell measuring 3 x 25 feet to 12-mil, to 1/4-inch closed cell blankets that are 12 x 25 feet.
Stevensville, MI, July 26, 2013 --( TarpsNow is proud to announce the availability of concrete curing blankets and clear porch curtains, two of their most popular products with construction and industrial buyers.
Among the many high quality products sold by TarpsNow are concrete curing blankets. Concrete curing is the process of slowly drying concrete so that it does not dry out too quickly, leaving it cracked and unstable.