concrete footing

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footing beam

Same as tie beam, 2.
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The deck in turn rests on four concrete footings, each measuring 3 by 3 by 4 feet.
Work will include demolition of existing hardscapes, excavation for and construction of new concrete footings, wood framing, exterior siding, elevator supply and installation, interior finishes and roofing.
When the three arches were cured, a hired crane set them into place, resting on a pair of thick concrete footings.
After sinking the posts into concrete footings, he screwed both sets of boards to the posts and finished them with a sealer.
Other than about a dozen pieces of lumber used to make forms for concrete footings that were never poured, Mr.
* Interior concrete footings that are 14 feet by 14 feet, and 20-inches deep.
The rods are inserted in PVC pipes that are set in concrete footings. "Then we just put a hem on the end to gather the sharp ends of the metal strips," says Shipley of their hand-woven creation.
The BEBO Concrete Arch System is a combination of precast arch elements, spandrels, wingwalls and cast-in-place concrete footings. For more information, call 1-800-338-1122, or visit CONTECH on the Web at to contact one of Regional Offices located around the country.
It states, "[a]ny change in a taxpayers [sic] treatment of the cost of gasoline pump canopies or the cost of the supporting concrete footings to conform with this revenue ruling is a change in method of accounting to which the provisions of 446 and 481 and the regulations thereunder apply." This indicates that the Service has not changed its position; taxpayers have to treat recovery-period and method changes for MACRS purposes as accounting-method changes.
But first it had to drain small portions of the wetlands long enough to sink the concrete footings needed to support the submarine pens.