concrete form

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form for a concrete column
Temporary boarding, sheeting, or pans of plywood, molded fiberglass, etc.; used to give desired shape to poured concrete, or the like.
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According to a report,"Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Product (Polystyrene Foam, Polyurethane Foam, Cement-Bonded Wood Fiber), By Application, By Region, And Segment Forecasts, 2019 - 2025", published by Grand View Research, Inc.,
Pumhosl analyzes this system as well as the results of its application, comprehends its visual genealogy and sociopolitical context, and uses it to generate concrete forms that are finally exhibited as artifacts, "rising from the abstract to the concrete." A piece by Pumhosl is a physical actualization of a system in the form of an object.
Among his topics are his coming of age during the pre-conciliar renewals, the lasting significance of the Second Vatican Council, present crises and challenges, the horizon of universal and salvation history, the concrete form of the Church as communio, and the missionary and dialogical Church.
HAP Investments and its architects have selected and will employ the award-winning Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) wall system for building construction.
The Italian premier said that it was unacceptable that a banking union decided upon last year had still no concrete form, according to a Reuters report.
Quist and Son Inc., said his company is currently in the process of building what is known as an insulated concrete form (ICF) home on Birdland Drive.
The hydropower related issues (construction of hydropower plants in the upper course of the Naryn river) were discussed in a concrete form, Prime Minister Omurbek Babanov said on the national television channel OTRK on July 30.
On the world's Moroccan reporters, Naciri said that this meeting is an opportunity for the national media upgrading project which cannot take concrete form without the involvement of Moroccans inside and outside the country.
SITTM has developed a concrete form release agent and asphalt release chemicals that they're marketing as a low-VOC's (volatile organic compounds), low-toxicity and a highly biodegradeable product that's a greener alternative to petroleum-based release agents.
What great pictures of Christ the Redeemer has Mark Holston offered us, from the panorama of Rio as background for the magnificent statue, to the close-up of the extended hand, where one can clearly see the small triangle-shaped pieces on the surface of the concrete form. My husband and I visited Rio de Janeiro in the late 1970s but we could only view the statue from the edge of the Tijuca Forest since our tour bus had to turn back because of a serious malfunction.
of Ashland, and Cullen Concrete Form Company of Northfield on the project.
SnowClear[TM] System is easy to install with sized-to-fit heating panels that can be rolled out into any conceivable area or concrete form. The panels incorporate EverClear Radiant Systems' SureMelt snow melting cables, pre-attached to a durable, flexible plastic mesh.