concrete form

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form for a concrete column
Temporary boarding, sheeting, or pans of plywood, molded fiberglass, etc.; used to give desired shape to poured concrete, or the like.
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Insulated concrete form or insulating concrete form (ICF) is a system of formwork for reinforced concrete which is made with a rigid thermal insulation that stays in place as a permanent interior and exterior substrate for walls, floors, and roofs.
com)-- Maxx Sales recently tested Ultra Ever-Dry on concrete forms in the lab (using various concrete formulations) and on the job site using 4,000 psi, 6-inch slump.
Murphy said compared to water-based release agents, biodiesel works better because it doesn't dry out on the concrete forms and isn't washed off by rain.
But on display at a couple of booths at the convention were insulating concrete form (ICF) systems made basically out of polystyrene that is left in place after the concrete is poured.
Very early on, the idea of channeling interactions into concrete form gave rise to the "kiosk project," aimed at introducing "artistic information activity" into the public space via a contemporary nomadic version of the traditional kiosk structure.
The products include crop adjuvants and soy-based sealants for fresh concrete, concrete form and wood patios.
THIS ISSUE'S MUSINGS BEGAN to take concrete form as I sat in my room on the eighth floor of the Sarajevo Holiday Inn during a two-week consulting engagement in late September-early October.
As we share in this life of Indian, Afro, and peasant peoples here, we cannot fail to recognize that the stripping of resources and the consequent impoverishment which began 500 years ago is expressed in a very concrete form by the inhuman, immoral, and unpayable external debt; this debt continues to permit the technological growth of the North at the cost of the impoverishment and death of the South.
Lamken responded that the matter had to be considered in an administrative hearing so that the claim would arise in the "most concrete form possible.
Although difficult to describe in concrete form, if we think of it as a potential in ourselves and in all we meet, we can accept our responsibility for nurturing that potential by loving as Jesus loved.
And within the district the expansion of elites had taken concrete form in the Poor Law, works canteens, police forces, church accommodation, political associations, local government services, and philantropy, all of which gave the elites coercive power while enhancing the legitimacy of the social regime generally.
An inarguably concrete form of catastrophe was visible in the Baron's lumberyard, where a massive stack of logs was being sprinkled to keep off beetles.