concrete formwork

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A temporary construction to contain wet concrete in the required shape while it is cast and setting.
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Paschal's concrete forms range includes trapezoidal girder formwork/TTR, the modular universal formwork with large elements GE, large-size formworks LOGO.3, athlete, circular and angular column formworks, climbing and single-sided forming, support systems for precast or slab ceilings, as well as fair-faced concrete formworks. Paschal also provides custom formworks from wood to steel.
Using Insulation Concrete Formwork (ICF) construction, we have worked with Three Rivers Housing Group as the constructor on their West Rainton development, which has won the Innovation Award for the built environment at the Constructing Excellence Awards in the North-East this month.
Carpentry Level Three will include concrete formwork and will be expanded to include heavy formwork.
Fibertex offers a product range of needlepunch nonwovens addressing industrial applications such as carpet backings, furniture and bedding (mattresses), filtration as well as technical applications such as civil engineering, hydraulic engineering and landfill supported with Fibertex geotextiles and concrete formwork liner.
"Because of the concrete formwork, there wasn't a lot of disposable product that we had to get rid of," adds Steh|berg.
Caption: 42 Broad (top, left) builders aim to realize time and labor savings demonstrated on recent projects (top, right) using ICF Panels' horizontal, shop-assembled insulating concrete formwork.
CANOE WITH 3D PRINTED CONCRETE FORMWORK A canoe with 3D printed formwork took 1st prize for design innovation at Concrete Canoe Regatta.
The monumental book box is clad in Fincof panels (more commonly employed for concrete formwork), a type of Finnish birch plywood stained with dark phenolic resin.
A leader in concrete formwork technology, the company will showcase wall, slab and climbing solutions, plus engineering, field support, pre-assembly and project management services.
HIGH-EFFICIENCY CONCRETE FORMWORK TECHNOLOGY Headed by Prof Matthias Kohler along with Prof Fabio Gramazio, Silvan Oesterle and Axel Vansteenkiste the project combined existing technologies and materials in a new way in order to fabricate non-repetitive free-form cast-on-site concrete structures, by using re- usable and digitally fabricatedwax formwork.