concrete reinforcement

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1. In reinforced concrete, metal bars, rods, wires, or other slender members which are embedded in concrete in such a manner that the metal and the concrete act together in resisting forces.
2. Material added to provide additional strength.
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"By including Helix Steel in our wall, slab and footing designs, our customers will realize the benefits of increased shear capacity, three-dimensional concrete reinforcement and achieve elevated FEMA ratings for hurricane and tornadic activity."
This is followed by a concrete reinforcement cast with 8mm to10mm-high tensil (mash of wires) reinforcement bars over the stabilised base before treating it with prime coat and asphaltic concrete.
In its exhibit at the SMX Convention Center, SteelAsia displayed a sampling of its complete range of rebar for concrete reinforcement (ranging from 6 up to 15 meters in length and having a diameter from 10 up to 50 millimeters).Among the rebar solutions highlighted are mechanical couplers and offsite fabrication (or cut and bend services).
[4] ASTM A955/A995M, Standard Specification for Deformed and Plain Stainless Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement, ASTM, West Conshohocken, PA, USA, 2004.
Aburawi, "Structural implications of using GFRP bars as concrete reinforcement," in Proceedings of 3rd International Symposium, FRPRCS, pp.
Mesh Mould aims to eradicate the need for external formwork while still providing concrete reinforcement. Furthermore, this technique will enable complex structures to be built out of concrete without the need to create made-to- measure formwork, or complex metal reinforcement rods.
The acquisition of MMFX is further evidence of our commitment to being one of the leading innovators in the concrete reinforcement industry.
These tests confirmed that MRTC's rebars more than adequately met bendability, tension and strength tests in accordance with Philippine National Standards (PNS) 49:2002 covering steel bars for concrete reinforcement, he said.
In the image the black Densoband strip can be seen just above the concrete reinforcement cage.
Based on investigation of different studies in this paper in terms of asphalt concrete reinforcement, it appears that geosynthetic reinforcement particularly some certain geogrids positively influences permanent deformation of asphaltic pavements.
Today it is used in a range of applications, including industrial ropes, cables, optical fiber cables, rubber belts and hoses and concrete reinforcement, among others.
We have an office space in Muscat." Every kind of machines for cutting and bending concrete reinforcement steel rebars are showcased by Oscam, an Italy-based firm for automatic machines and plants for re-inforced steel processing.

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