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When the combustion gas in the coil passes water at or below 120[degrees]F (49[degrees]C), water vapor in the combustion gas condenses out, releasing latent heat.
As the whole galaxy condenses to about one-tenth its original size, the baryons spin up, and the whole galaxy winds up going around.
Normally, when warm air hits the colder surface of a pair of glasses, water vapour condenses on the lenses as tiny droplets.
The service, which aims to help students revise for their exams, condenses works including Hamlet and Pride and Prejudice into a few sentences of text speak.
In recycling architectural fragments, Pernice condenses the grimy reality of mass transit into forms that quote its structures.
The wet tensile test is designed to imitate this casting condition and provide strength information from the wet layer where the steam developed from the casting process condenses.
The product utilizes a synthetic wicking material to remove condensed water from the system, and water vapor that enters the system and condenses on a cold pipe surface is removed by capillary action to the outer surface, where it evaporates.
Because atomic hydrogen is such a good coolant, much more of the gas condenses into stars than was possible during the very first episode of star formation.
The steam pushes the air out of the pipes and then condenses in the radiators.