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Tenders are invited for Chemical cleaning of condenser tubes unit-1 to 10
Over the years, CORROSERVE engineers have reportedly cleaned countless condenser tubes but following the addition of a full range of the latest high pressure water cleaning equipment, scrubbers, brushes and other accessories, the company says it has now launched a dedicated condenser tube inspection, cleaning, testing and reporting service.
For example, if machine operators notice a gradual increase in condensing pressure during a month, they can consult the daily log and systematically check and correct problems, such as fouled or non-condensable condenser tubes.
Energy Northwest solicited contractors who could manage about 3 million pounds of condenser tubes, piping, structural steel and other related radioactively contaminated wastes.
Two tenders for the supply of (a) two core pumps for the cleaning of the condenser tubes with related spare parts for the maintenance of turbines of the 300 MW power station in Damanhour & (b) one 220 kV bushing & another 10.
Corrosion of steam condenser tubes causes great problems in coastal power plants.
The pure vapor condenses in the condenser tubes, giving distilled water.
Dirt buildup on the condenser tubes and fins traps heat and causes excessive humidity inside the refrigerator.
The application has been used to recover corroded condenser tubes at several power plants.
At today's market price the condenser tubes have a value of $750,000 when recycled.
Tenders are invited for Work of cleaning of condenser tubes by high pressure water jetting followed by bullet shot cleaning of main condenser of u#8 during aoh at cstps, Chandrapur.