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Need more help deciding which condition code to use for your unit's unserviceable wheel assemblies?
37) DRMS Instructions, supra note 8, at S4S1-33 (defining a Supply Condition Code as a code that the owning military unit assigns to property to describe the physical condition of the property).
it does not necessarily follow that a diabetes ICD-9-CM code would change the severity level assigned to the condition code Cerebral Vascular Disease.
To limit the reporting of less-than-desirable items, we established criteria for reporting usable commercial items with an original acquisition value over $5,000 that were in condition codes A (serviceable-usable), B (serviceable with qualifications), and F (economically reparable).
Without Condition Code Capability by item there is no way to maintain multiple item costs for the same item or plan appropriately.
Created especially for aircraft and related maintenance organizations, as well as other businesses that deal with the service and repair of their customers' items, users can use the advanced MRO module to track work orders, purchase orders, sales orders, inventory, approvals such as FAA airworthiness Form 8130, and costs by both project item and condition code.
Is it any wonder that the engine ended up in condition code F?
The JCL condition code checking that takes place thus provides automated exception handling.
Missiles or rockets exceeding these limits are to be placed in Condition Code J and reported to AMCOM LCMC via the Ammunition Condition Report.
Highlights include critical path analysis to allow users to pro-actively adjust workload processing and to meet service level commitments; granular support for handling any non-zero condition code and user or system abends; large application support allowing definition and control of more than 8000 workload objects within any single ESP application; enhanced data set and file triggering capabilities; caching functionality which helps to reduce I/O and increases throughput; and event streaming which ensures that critical and time sensitive work completes successfully by allowing workload to be controlled by class as well as by priority.
Once these points have been captured, Time Warp decides -- based on preset criteria -- whether to remediate instruction results or condition code.
These radios and the loader should be turned in condition code "H" and DEMIL code "D" to a unit's DLA Disposition Services (the old DRMO).