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Conductor, Electrical


a material that readily permits the passage of an electric current through it—that is, a material that has a high electrical conductivity, or low resistivity ρ. Good conductors are materials with ρ ≤ 10-6 ohm-cm. In contrast to conductors, insulators have high resistivities—from about 1014 to 1022 ohm-cm. Semiconductors occupy an intermediate position.

Electrical conductivity is determined by the concentration and mobility of the charge carriers. Conductors include metals, electrolytes, and plasmas. In metals, the charge carriers are quasi-free conduction electrons. In electrolytes, the current is produced by positive and negative ions. In a plasma, the current is carried by free electrons and positive and negative ions. At low temperatures, many metals and some semiconductors become superconductors.

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The menu of functional materials is now fast expanding, transitioning beyond conductive pastes to include transparent conductive films, sensors and actuators.
During the curing process, these particles combine with the silicone elastomer to form an abrasion-resistant, conductive layer of carbon black that is largely unaffected by the mechanical stress that can arise during packaging, transport or installation.
Encapsulants & potting compounds, the second-largest application for conductive silicones
Electrical & electronics is the largest end-use industry of thermally conductive plastics"
Originally, it was believed conductive inks were required to effectively plate a copper cap over the via, and early on there was some validity to this point of view.
The global conductive carbon black market is consolidated with a few major players and the trend is expected to continue over the next five to eight years.
We have extensively researched a variety of conductive fibres critical for the manufacture of ElectriPlast and found Conductive Composites to be the ideal specialty nickel plated carbon fibre supplier for us.
Nickel-coated graphite (Novamet Company), epoxy resin (Araldite GZ471-X75, Huntsman Company), and its polyamine hardener (Aradur 283, Huntsman Company) were also used to evaluate the effect of conductive filler and resin type on the electrical resistivity of nanoclay conductive coatings.
The College also delivers an OCNWMR level 3 certificate in Conductive Education which leads to the award of Conductor Assistant.
Nevertheless, conductive compounds have some limitations, which must be taken into account.
First, the overall conductive coatings market in electronics is growing, generally in alignment with global economic growth, and fueled partially by growth in the developing world.