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, name for the outstanding type of musical composition of the 13th cent. and for a different type that originated in the Renaissance. The 13th-century motet, a creation (c.
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xliv)--namely the sequence, the conductus, and trouvere song--the absence of this information is surprising, especially since she wishes that her edition might "facilitate work to identify the various trans-Continental influences" (p.
When the machine is fully operational in 2015, STI expects this machine to produce an initial capacity of 750 kilometers of Conductus wire per year.
This diverse set of applications demonstrates that Conductus wire is applicable to numerous solutions in the Smart Grid architecture, advanced physics and high efficiency transportation fields.
Independientemente de cual de las composiciones haya influido a la otra, (3) en su conjunto, ambas demuestran que la melodia era bien conocida como para servir de soporte transmisor tanto para una pastorela como para un canto procesional; como recuerda John Stevens, el conductus era una cancion procesional que podia adaptarse a distintas circunstancias de la vida monacal, como demuestran los Oficios de la Circuncision de Sens, Laon y Beuvais (identificados por etiquetas como "ad tabulam", "ad bacularium", "ad poculum"), y encabezaban, en general, desplazamientos grupales, como puede deducirse de su inclusion en dramas liturgicos, como en el Danielis ludus, del siglo xii, en el que tenemos un "Conductus Regine venientis ad Regem" (vv.
Carlomagno, el Sacro Emperador Romano Germanico, establecio en 810 la forma en que debia interpretarse el canto de la misa; a esta se le conoce como <<canto llano>>, cuyas principales formas musicales fueron el conductus (2) y el motete.
According to the author, Dante might also have heard some forms of composed polyphony, like conductus and motets, perhaps also during his stay at the papal court of Boniface VIII in 1301.
For most of its history the Church has used art in the adornment of its churches and their worship: marbles and mosaics, carving and capitals, fresco and glazing, statue and icon; or, if you prefer, mass-setting and motet, conductus and anthem, canticle and responsary.
Many of the rhythms and literary devices seen in The Play of Daniel could plausibly be ascribed to Abelardian influence, but the presence in the conductus "Cum doctorum et magorum" of the striking phrase in vestitu deaurato (where it manifestly disturbs the cascaded rhyme-scheme) is a clinching factor: in Abelard's Hymn 94, one of his Sponsus compositions, the Bride is described in this precise form of words (rhymes--or lack of them, here indicated in bold text).
63) The performers often choose to present liturgical chant, which they perform with shorter motets, conductus, or other items to fashion a composite mass with a particular program or theme, as in the concerts that followed on the heels of An English Ladymass, A Laminas Ladymass, On Yoolis Night, and A Star in the East.
Dicuntur arma sibi parasse, literas salvi conductus ab hostibus procurasse et consilium domini nostri regis tamquam falsum publice difidasse.
2) Para o desenvolvimento do termo conductus, veja-se J.