conduit box

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1. A private seating area for spectators in an auditorium, usually located at the front or side of a mezzanine or balcony; may contain movable, rather than fixed, chairs.
2. An enclosure for mounting an electric device and its associated circuit conductors or for splicing, pulling in, or terminating conductors.
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All external surfaces--including the casing, mounting feet and flanges, cable conduit box and drive shaft--are constructed from stainless steel, making them virtually impervious to corrosion.
That flexibility extends to lighting as well: Instead of a preselected chandelier over the dining area, a conduit box allows buyers to plug in whatever fixture they like.
Once the banker determines that a loan may "fit" in the conduit box (terms, loan-to-value, debt coverage, rate-lock requirements, etc.
Features include double-sealed bearings, potted leads, bearing caps on 280 Frame and above, a heavy gasketed conduit box and cover, sealed lead openings.