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In particular, and for the first time, all cantons, small and large, received one vote in the confederal Diet or council.
This consultation gave the confederal unions the moral legitimacy they needed to sign a tripartite accord with government and organized business on January 22,1983.
Instead, they were operating in a manner consistent with a confederal view of the international business environment.
It is this union or confederal government which would be charged with foreign affairs, defence, trade, currency, citizenship, and the environment.
Many Sunni and Shiite leaders in Iraq have told me privately they favor a new constitution for a confederal Iraq that would include a Sunni regional government, as well as a Kurdish one.
A four-way battle is currently taking place among European Greens to select the duo who will lead the election campaign, while the Confederal Group of the European United Left (GUE) is expected to endorse left-wing Greek politician Alexis Tsipras later this month as its electoral leader.
They only call for peaceful coexistence and a confederal system between the two nations.
According to a statement published Saturday by UGTT, the agreement signed by UGTT Secretary-General Hassine Abassi and CGT Secretary-General Thierry Lepaon provides for strengthening the bilateral contribution to decent labour promotion and social progress and carry on boosting co-operation between the two organisations on the confederal as well as territorial and professional levels...
However, Judith Kirton-Darling, confederal secretary of the European TUC, said jobs in the region would be put at risk if the UK left the EU.
C'est le sentiment exprime, par divers canaux, par la gauche espagnole et vient d'etre appuye par le secretariat confederal International des Commissions Ouvrieres dans une declaration rendue publique dont copie est remise a Al Bayane.
Kurdistan in the north has gone as far as establishing confederal system.

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