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A program by Richard Stallman to discover properties of the current platform and to set up make to compile and install gcc.

Cygnus configure was a similar system developed by K. Richard Pixley in collaboration with Richard Stallman. In 1994, David MacKenzie and others modified autoconf to incorporate all the features of Cygnus configure and many GNU programs, including gcc now use autoconf.

Metaconfig is a similar program used in building Perl.
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The makeup of a system. To "configure software" means selecting programmable options that make the program function to the user's liking. To "configure hardware" means assembling desired components for a custom system as well as selecting options in the user-programmable parts of the system. "Configurability" refers to the hardware or software's ability to be changed and customized. See settings.
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The two main issues I encountered when configuring these examples are the magnitude of the time differential and the gestures used.
Simple examples are used to walk through configuring the serverEs component containers, such as the JBoss Web Server, the EJB3 server, and JBoss Messaging, and to give insight into configuring services, such as security, performance, and clustering.
To set this up, go to the above URL, select the Configuration Information link, and follow the instructions for configuring your AKO account to an email client.
"Self Configuring" SCADA is reducing the cost of labor associated with the design, implementation and ongoing support of automation and SCADA systems.
Managing and configuring Cisco's Internetwork Operating System (IOS) can be monumentally challenging.
An application guide for specifying and configuring tire building measurement systems is available.
However, network administrators well versed in implementing and configuring VPNs and firewalls can implement this security layer on their own.
"Now, Java developers can focus on writing application code without the headaches associated with installing and configuring a separate database."
MCTS self-paced training kit (Exam 70-643); configuring Windows server 2008 applications infrastructure.
By configuring iSCSI target drives as dynamic disks, one can easily maintain a scalable storage solution without the need for third-party proprietary applications.
The operator does not become distracted with configuring offset temperatures or calculating proportional integral or differential functions, none of which are required because the PID controllers are already configured for the ovens, according to the company.