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, conformance
compliance with the practices of an established church
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The condition established when an aircraft's actual position is within the conformance region constructed around that aircraft at its position, according to the trajectory associated with the aircraft's current flight plan.
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For conformance testing, a protocol implementation conformance statement (PICS) document can be created using the protocol specifications, detailing the features being implemented in the DUT.
Keysight's 5G Protocol Conformance Toolset enables mobile operators, chipset and device manufacturers, as well as test labs, to validate new devices across the workflow, from early design to acceptance and manufacturing in both sub-6GHz (FR1) and mmWave (FR2) frequency bands.
'By offering a leading number of RF and protocol conformance test cases validated by both GCF and PTCRB on the same platform, we're making it possible for global mobile ecosystems to efficiently accelerate 5G device certification, bringing 5G commercial services to consumers around the world,' said Kailash Narayanan, vice president and general manager of Keysight's wireless test group.
This will provide a Declaration of Conformance and a Calibration Certificate.
Another Land Use Conformance Statement was issued for a property on Green Gate.
Textual analysis was used to identify the occurrences of the specific term 'shall' and conceptual analysis was used to check the frequency of conformance requirements, as previously described (20).
The agreement encompasses Conformance's PCI ToolKit[R], Cyber Attack Readiness ToolKit(TM), InConRadar(TM) and Data Incident Management Program[R] offerings.
Brain4Net plans regular conformance, performance and interoperability testing for its' new software products and applications releases, such as B4N Controller, B4N SwitchOS and multiple MEF Apps.
At the same time, standards and conformance are seen to play a significant role in strengthening regional economic integration, increasing trade flow in Apec economies and providing the micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) wider access to the global market.
Khalaf Abdullah, Head of International Audit at Sharjah Islamic Bank, said, "Quality Assurance is a professional accreditation given following a rigorous evaluation of the internal audit activities of the bank and its conformance with international internal audit standards and best practices.
Upon conclusion, IIA executives advised that Mashreq was the first bank in the UAE to achieve conformance with it.

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