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a. another name for configuration
b. one of the configurations of a molecule that can easily change its shape and can consequently exist in equilibrium with molecules of different configuration
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(of molecules), geometric forms that molecules of organic compounds can assume during the rotation of atoms or groups of atoms (substituents) about single bonds while maintaining the order of the chemical bonding of the atoms (chemical structures), the bond lengths, and valency angles. Molecules that differ from one another only in conformation are called conformers, or rotational isomers. The existence of conformations is determined by the spatial interaction (such as repulsion, attraction, and hydrogen bond formation) of substituents (hydrogen atoms included) that are not bonded to one another. One such example (see Figure 1) is represented by several planar conformations of a pentane molecule:


Unlike geometric and optical isomers, conformers under general conditions easily convert into one another (without the breaking of bonds) and therefore cannot be isolated (compareCONFIGURATION). The molecules of organic compounds usually exist in the form of a mixture of conformers that are in equilibrium,

Figure 1. Planar conformations of a pentane molecule: (a) zigzag, (b) claw-shaped, (c) irregular

among which those that are energetically most favorable, that is, exhibiting the lowest energy, predominate. The conformational state of molecules affects the physical properties of substances and the orientation and rate of chemical transformations (see).


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(organic chemistry)
In a molecule, a specific orientation of the atoms that varies from other possible orientations by rotation or rotations about single bonds; generally in mobile equilibrium with other conformations of the same structure. Also known as conformational isomer; conformer.
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The binding of NT1 to mAb M3 was abolished by heat treatment, indicating that mAb M3 reacted with continuous or discontinuous conformational determinants.
Distinctive hydration patterns for each of the quaternary structures were observed, but a number of conserved water molecule binding sites were found that are independent of the conformational state of the protein.
In this sense, Confocal Micro-Raman Spectroscopy, is appropriate because of both the high lateral and axial resolution and its high sensitivity to the conformational changes.
Moreover, there is a spontaneous conformational fluctuation between the two states even in the absence of myosin, however, the binding of actin to myosin drives the conformational population towards the active state and thereby, activates myosin motility.
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DNA damage caused by chemo- or radiotherapy results in the modification of p63 with phosphate groups which triggers a conformational change to the active form.