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Back in the '50s, when it seemed half the pop tunes on the radio had "cha-cha-cha" in the chores, choreographers knew Latin dancing was de rigueur in shows--a conga in Wonderful Town, a cha-cha for Bells Are Ringing, a mambo for Damn Yankees.
I played the congas, timbal and bongo in all of them.
JV: As a vocalist/percussionist, you have learned how to cover your bases well on stage by playing standing up, and singing with mikes over the congas.
Born in the Bronx, New York, and raised in Puerto Rico since his fourth birthday, Ismael Ruiz Hernandez, commonly known as Maelo Ruiz, started his professional singing career at the age of 19 when he served as lead vocalist for Puerto Rico's Pedro Conga y Su Orquesta Internacional.
Just like his playing, these new LP Accents Eddie Montalvo Signature Congas are solid, beautiful, professional instruments in every sense.
Congas drums are now very common in all forms of Latin music, including salsa, Latin pop and Latin jazz, as well as many other forms of American popular music and world music forms.
Specializing in authentic congas and djembes, all drums are handcrafted of hardwood with a beautiful gloss finish that naturally highlights the grains of the wood.
Their recording titled Fuego (originally on Mariana Records) highlights Joe Pastrana on congas.
BC: Well, I wanted to be a musician since I was a very young kid, but my parents were dead set against it, so I had to wait until I got into college and I had a little bit of my own money to buy my first set of congas and other percussive items, and start taking lessons and so forth.
Esteemed artists congregated and jammed under a backdrop of a glittering wall of congas.
Currently as many as five different sizes of congas are available from numerous drum makers worldwide as well as drums made from fiberglass and plastic resin.