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A tumor of the kidney.



a genus of lichens of the family Nephromaceae. The thallus is foliaceous. The Nephroma differ from the majority of lichens in the formation of fruiting bodies, or apothecia, on the lower surface of the thallus. There are 45 species, distributed throughout the terrestrial globe, particularly in tundras, in coniferous forests, and high in the mountains. They grow in soil among mosses, on moss-covered rocks, and on the trunks and branches of trees. The Nephroma contain lichen acids. The lichens are eaten by reindeer.

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Another rare case in our study was congenital mesoblastic nephroma operated in 11 day old infant, with history of maternal hydramnios, premature birth, abdominal mass.
9) Other rare neoplastic lesions were transitional cell carcinoma in adults & clear cell sarcoma kidney & congenital mesoblastic nephroma in childhood i.
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Stromal predominant entities such as congenital mesoblastic nephroma and primary renal synovial sarcoma can be considered as differential diagnoses of MEST.
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