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1. a meeting or conference, esp of representatives of a number of sovereign states
2. a national legislative assembly


1. the bicameral federal legislature of the US, consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate
2. this body during any two-year term
3. (in India) a major political party, which controlled the Union government from 1947 to 1977



(1) A meeting of the leaders or representatives of countries, territories, or organizations. A congress is also a type of international conference (for example, the Congress of Vienna of 1814–15; the World Peace Congresses; the World Congress for Peace, National Independence, and General Disarmament of 1965; and various scientific congresses).

(2) In some countries, including Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Honduras, Colombia, Mexico, and the Philippines, the name of the legislative body or of one of its houses. In the United States the Congress is the highest legislative body; it consists of two houses—the House of Representatives (435 representatives; elected every two years) and the Senate (100 senators, two from each state, elected for a six-year term, with one-third of the members elected every two years). In France the congress is the joint session of both houses of parliament.

(3) The name of some national organizations in a number of countries (for example, the Indian National Congress Party in India).



a meeting of representatives (delegates) of any of various organizations or groups, or of those active in a particular field of endeavor (see, , and ). In several organizations, the congress is the highest body.

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Recommendation: In order to improve the planning and oversight for future courthouse construction projects, to increase the efficiency of courtroom usage through courtroom sharing, and to ensure that future courthouses are built within the congressionally authorized gross square footage, the Administrator of GSA should report to congressional authorizing committees when the design of a courthouse exceeds the authorized size by more than 10 percent, including the reasons for the increase in size.
In order to help businesses and IT administrators meet this year's congressionally mandated daylight saving time (DST) change which starts on March 11, 2007, PatchLink([R]) Corporation is providing automated DST remediation for all major operating systems, including legacy Windows versions, Solaris, and HP UX, among others.
A congressionally mandated study said what's needed is more technicians performing repetitive manual tasks, more automation to reduce pharmacists' workloads and less administrative burdens imposed by insurers.
For example, in 1986 FWS directed 25 percent of all recovery funds not congressionally earmarked for specific species to just four animals -- the American peregrine falcon, southern sea otter, gray wolf and Aleutian Canada goose.
3 percent above the May level, provided a sobering backdrop Thursday to the opening of hearings by a congressionally appointed panel searching for solutions to America's trade woes.
The federal government, he notes in an accompanying editorial, has refused to conduct congressionally mandated health studies of veterans, arguing that "since exposure cannot be well documented, the study was not feasible.
Under sponsorship from the United States Army Medical Materiel Development Activity (USAMMDA), and with financial support from the US Agency for International Development, the Congressionally Directed Peer Review Medical Program, and the Military Infectious Diseases Research Program, NMRC will initiate this FDA-approved study at their clinical trials center, located on the campus of the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda.
Some 50 people gathered at the Elks Club lodge for patriotic speeches and songs before a detail of Boy Scouts doused the flags with diesel fuel and set them ablaze, the congressionally approved protocol for retiring the national banner.
year, saying HATS could no longer be spared from congressionally mandated budget cuts.
It is also the major ingredient in Sweet 'N Low, the table-top sweetener in the familiar pink packets, which, like all foods that contain saccharin, carries a congressionally mandated warning label that might be removed should saccharin ever lose its classification as a suspected carcinogen.
In its suit, the National Treasury Employees Union asks that more than $1 billion in congressionally authorized 1986 cost-of-living adjustments be released to the union's more than 1 million retirees.
This congressionally mandated move toward ``universal access'' will be funded through assessments on interstate phone carriers and higher phone fees paid by businesses and multiline residential customers.

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