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1. a meeting or conference, esp of representatives of a number of sovereign states
2. a national legislative assembly


1. the bicameral federal legislature of the US, consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate
2. this body during any two-year term
3. (in India) a major political party, which controlled the Union government from 1947 to 1977
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(1) A meeting of the leaders or representatives of countries, territories, or organizations. A congress is also a type of international conference (for example, the Congress of Vienna of 1814–15; the World Peace Congresses; the World Congress for Peace, National Independence, and General Disarmament of 1965; and various scientific congresses).

(2) In some countries, including Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Honduras, Colombia, Mexico, and the Philippines, the name of the legislative body or of one of its houses. In the United States the Congress is the highest legislative body; it consists of two houses—the House of Representatives (435 representatives; elected every two years) and the Senate (100 senators, two from each state, elected for a six-year term, with one-third of the members elected every two years). In France the congress is the joint session of both houses of parliament.

(3) The name of some national organizations in a number of countries (for example, the Indian National Congress Party in India).



a meeting of representatives (delegates) of any of various organizations or groups, or of those active in a particular field of endeavor (see, , and ). In several organizations, the congress is the highest body.

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Recommendation: In order to improve the planning and oversight for future courthouse construction projects, to increase the efficiency of courtroom usage through courtroom sharing, and to ensure that future courthouses are built within the congressionally authorized gross square footage, the Administrator of GSA should, in order to avoid requesting insufficient space for courtrooms based on the AnyCourt model's identification of courtroom space needs, establish a process, in cooperation with the Director of the Administrative Office of the U.S.
"We look forward to helping this Congressionally mandated Citizens Health Care Working Group as their members hold community meetings across the country."
Calling it a "low risk of strangulation," CPSC said it realizes that the reported incidents are "uncomfortable and anxiety-provoking" but that the product does not meet the congressionally mandated standard for recall.
"Helmets to Hardhats" is a Congressionally funded organization that leads service members to America's best building and construction-industry jobs.
PVA is the only congressionally chartered VSO whose mission is to advocate on behalf of veterans with SCI/D.
In the early 1990s, a congressionally mandated commission noted that insufficient sleep is a major contributor to catastrophic events, such as the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl and the grounding of the Exxon Valdez, as well as personal tragedies, such as automobile accidents.
The appeals court found that the baseline hourly rate of $75 that had been approved but not yet Congressionally funded, applied for PLRA purposes.
Deadlines for these more stringent limits conflicted with congressionally mandated dead-lines for the existing ozone standard.
Promoted in 1957 to Division Director, he was soon caught up in the 1958 congressionally directed competition between the McDonnell F4H (F-4) Phantom II and Vought F8U-3 (a new design) Mach 2+ all weather fighters.
As President Clinton prepared to sign on the congressionally approved $101 million purchase of the 95,000-acre Baca Ranch in northern New Mexico, outdoorsmen of all varieties were celebrating.
The International Naval Review 2000 was the Navy's congressionally mandated observance of the millennial year and recognition of the nation's 224th birthday.

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