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C5H10NC3H7 A colorless, oily liquid with a mousy odor and a boiling point of 166°C; soluble in alcohol, ether, and oils; used as a sedative. Also known as propylpiperidine.



C8H17N a basic alkaloid and toxic agent of poison hemlock. A colorless liquid with a pungent odor, it dissolves readily in organic solvents; it is slightly soluble in water. Coniine occurs in all parts of plants, primarily in the fruits and seeds (up to 1 percent). It is formed in plant cells from acetic acid and lysine amino-acid radicals. The German chemist A. Ladenburg first synthesized the natural alkaloid in 1886. Coniine is a strong poison with a neuroparalytic effect.

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Leading prices - Heifers: pounds 118 Rees, Castell Conin, Clynderwen, also pounds 116; pounds 114 Morgan, Holloway Fawr, Penffordd; pounds 108 Evans, Waterholmes Farm, Llawhaden; pounds 102 Lonney, Maesylan, St Clears; pounds 100 Ludchurch Farms Ltd, Ludchurch, Narberth.
Ruth Conin, a seafood trade journalist, talked about the German market for "Feinkost" products, which consist of bits and pieces of fish mixed with vegetables, spices and sauces.
Deyaar signed Al Oroba Contracting Company as the main contractor, and Incorporated Consultants Conin is the consultant.
Todo esto, junto a los programas nutricionales, con entrega de alimentos a todos quienes consultaran (prevencion primaria); programas focalizados en los ninos desnutridos o en riesgo de desnutrir (prevencion secundaria) y un programa especial de rehabilitacion para desnutridos severos en centros de recuperacion CONIN (prevencion terciaria), se logro bajar en forma muy rapida la mortalidad infantil, materna y la desnutricion, desafios que desaparecieron como problemas de salud publica a fines de la decada del '80.
They have been named Caitlin, Alana, Aaron, Conin and Aine.