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C5H10NC3H7 A colorless, oily liquid with a mousy odor and a boiling point of 166°C; soluble in alcohol, ether, and oils; used as a sedative. Also known as propylpiperidine.



C8H17N a basic alkaloid and toxic agent of poison hemlock. A colorless liquid with a pungent odor, it dissolves readily in organic solvents; it is slightly soluble in water. Coniine occurs in all parts of plants, primarily in the fruits and seeds (up to 1 percent). It is formed in plant cells from acetic acid and lysine amino-acid radicals. The German chemist A. Ladenburg first synthesized the natural alkaloid in 1886. Coniine is a strong poison with a neuroparalytic effect.

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Derrek Lee's two-out single to right scored Conine.
This conference serves as a prime example of how the NAHB/Canadevi partnership is paying off and reaping rewards for both our constituent groups," said Kent Conine.
First, both Conine and Madden (1986) and Preston and Sapienza (1990) reported high correlations between measures of financial performance within the survey and the single Fortune item pertaining to a firm's responsibility to community and environment.
The BMC solution has really increased the pace at which we identify problems," said Steve Conine, CTO and co-founder, Wayfair, the largest online retailer of home furnishings.
Notes: interested parties should request additional information from the arkansas student loan authority by contacting mark conine at 501-682-2952 or mconine@asla.
At High Point Market April 16, Wayfair co-founders Niraj Shah and Steve Conine will showcase the company's virtual reality technology, which it expects will accelerate the shift to buying home furnishings online by transforming the way consumers are able to visualize products into their home designs.
SFHR Investments LLC, led by Mark Conine, acquired the former Macmillan Bloedel Containers facility at 1901 E.
Shah graduated from Cornell University in 1995 and moved to Boston, co-founded an Internet consulting business with a classmate, Steve Conine, that they sold in 1998; worked as an Entrepreneur In Residence at Greylock Ventures; started and sold a software company; and in 2002 began building a network of small e-commerce ventures - starting with a site that sold birdhouses online that were built in the founder's garage and extending to online furniture stores - that they re-branded as Wayfair in 2011.
Jon-Paul Decosse and Alexandre Sylvestre were, to my taste, less effective as Schaunard and Conine, though both gave promise of more and better to come.
Maybe they pursue a Jeff Conine or a Joe Randa, or if the cost is not too high, aim higher for a Sean Casey or a Shea Hillenbrand.
We are closing in on an incredibly strong year," said Kent Conine, president of the National Association of Home Builders.
Buyer demand is holding up well this holiday season, and single-family builders are pleased to be ending the year on such a high note," said Kent Conine, NAHB president and a home and apartment builder from Dallas.