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C5H10NC3H7 A colorless, oily liquid with a mousy odor and a boiling point of 166°C; soluble in alcohol, ether, and oils; used as a sedative. Also known as propylpiperidine.



C8H17N a basic alkaloid and toxic agent of poison hemlock. A colorless liquid with a pungent odor, it dissolves readily in organic solvents; it is slightly soluble in water. Coniine occurs in all parts of plants, primarily in the fruits and seeds (up to 1 percent). It is formed in plant cells from acetic acid and lysine amino-acid radicals. The German chemist A. Ladenburg first synthesized the natural alkaloid in 1886. Coniine is a strong poison with a neuroparalytic effect.

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According to a Wayfair company history, Conine and Shah enrolled in a class in entrepreneurship during their final semester at the school, leading to a business plan that resulted in the founding of their first company, Spinners Inc.
If we have completed a recent code push, we know to keep our eyes on that screen for potential issues," said Conine.
Conine did not need outside capital to fuel Wayfair's growth.
Housing continues to do the heavy lifting in an otherwise sluggish economy," said Kent Conine, president, of the National Association of Home Builders.
Given that we release new products every day, every hour, we simply can't afford to wait 20 minutes before realizing a recent change has introduced a performance problem," said Steven Conine, co-founder, Wayfair.
As the only children's hospital that performs cardiac catheterization, open heart surgery, pediatric heart transplantation and pediatric dialysis in BrowardCounty, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital also offers the Conine Clubhouse, a free-of-charge "home away from home" for families of hospitalized children.
That brought up Jeff Conine, who hit a ball to right field that appeared to be deep enough to score Lopez, but Vladimir Guerrero made a strong throw to the plate to nail Lopez and record the double play.
An inning after Alou and Johnson became the 11th set of teammates to hit consecutive homers, Jeff Conine finished the 39-year-old Hershiser with an RBI single.
For e-commerce vendors like us, competitors are just a click away," said Steve Conine, chairman and co-founder of CSN Stores, an e-commerce company that operates 200 shopping sites.
Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler to Appear at Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony on Friday Morning; Jeff Conine, Blair Wiggins, Captain Bouncer Smith to Make Special Appearances Throughout Grand Opening Weekend
The Angels scored again in the third inning when, with Chone Figgins in a rundown between first and second, Maicer Izturis broke for home and scored when the off-balance throw from Orioles first baseman Jeff Conine arrived late.
OAUG board members reelected for 2011 are Mark Clark, O2Works; Carol Conine, Carnival Corporation; and Joseph Imbimbo, Carnegie Mellon University.