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Beyond what is written; Erasmus and Beza as conjectural critics of the New Testament.
Each item taken alone would not interest me, but together they are more than curious, especially in light of the highly conjectural nature of the October 28 UBS Warburg research reports, whose effect was to incite Medicare to audit Tenet.
The encyclopedic vision itself--to encircle the world of human knowledge--is combined with productive doubt destined to exercise the intellect, and a valorization of the conjectural nature of "science"--hence the praise of astrology.
Even more significant was this board's absence of leadership following the highly conjectural, if not irresponsible, downgrade of the company's stock, at which time a stronger board might have halted management's apparent death wish and transformed this from a rush to embrace guilt into a leadership opportunity with positive ramifications well beyond Tenet's doors.
Sivan points to the need of conjectural reconstructions of words and their structure which lead to frequent disagreements between scholars.
But the smears came too late, and the possible effects of exposure and scandal upon one of the world's legends is now merely conjectural, since Rudi died before the tidal wave overtook him .
Fontaine's statements are important because he knows the labyrinths of the EU well and interprets accurately the underlying macro trends without limiting himself to conjectural developments.
This clothing of a "naked emblem" can be a tricky, highly conjectural, endeavor.
A working hypothesis, which is highly conjectural for now, is that all these high-speed computers required greater interconnectivity before they could really boost productivity on a national scale -- and the Net has now provided the missing link.
After noting that it is highly conjectural to assume that the same name among different seals (plt[y]; tmk l) refers to the same person or family, he discusses just that possibility (pp.
From a study of the full mass of extant sketches, Payne came to the conclusion that a conjectural realisation of much of the symphony was indeed possible, and, eventually, having got so far, and being by now fully steeped in Elgarian musical language, he decided to go out on a limb and attempt a completion of all four movements.
It has no clearly defined priority list, but is more like a conjectural cooperation program.