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Calling up spirits/entities in Ceremonial Magic. This is done using various Words of Power; sacred words and the names of god, angels, and archangels. A complete ceremony is needed to accomplish the conjuration of an entity, and requires great deal of careful and detailed preparation.

Conjuration is not done in Witchcraft, since nothing is ever called forth. All are in the Wiccan circle of their own free will.

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The ghostly then becomes an exegetical device, a conjuration that belies the "grounded theory" to which Gordon aspires (8).
is the main visual element in the necromancer's techniques, the conjuration is the key oral component.
Then he may open the book with humble devotion and with heartfelt desire 'that God may sanctify and bless and consecrate this book, devoted to his most sacred names, so that it may fully obtain the power it should have, that it may have power for consecrating the bond of spirits and for all invocations and conjurations of (spirits) and likewise all other experiments'.
These conjurations are compared by Peele to the way the Mass was perceived by Protestants, who scorned the Catholic ceremony as a false show and a form of witchcraft.
In contrast to the leftist political commitments he declares elsewhere, in this essay he struts around like poetry's Neoconservative chief of staff, reinforcing the interests of the poetic establishment through hysterical conjurations of threats.
Such narratives authorized campaigns for the seizure of black bodies and led Afro-Cubans to counter with their own conjurations.
117); they might have used a crystal but relied on "conjurations or binding spells" (p.
By the same door, Aeneas descended into the womb of the earth (his mother Aphrodite)" (966)--corresponding to what Harris calls the "womb of space." The cult of Sybil, according to legend, elicited conjurations and pleas for rings of invisibility that were bestowed as part of the graces of "the Blessed Virgin of Fairies, 'sibyllia,' or the 'three sisters of fairies, Milia, Achilia, Sibylia,' "who appeared "in form and shape of fair women, in white vestures" (967).
Two that might have been available to Cervantes were Pedro Ciruelo's Tratado en el qual se repruevan todas las supersticionesy hechicerias (A treatise reproving all superstitions and forms of witchcraft, 1530) or Martin de Castanega's Tratado muy sotil y bien fundado de las supersticiones y hechiceriasy vanos conjuros y abusiones (Very subtle and well-founded treatise on superstitions and witchcrafts and vain conjurations and abuses, 1529).
As members of a dying class, the Cranfordian women conjure up the ghosts of their own class hegemony in order to be protected from the truth of their social and economic condition; indeed, these conjurations directly point to a newly emerging bourgeoisie that doubts its own legitimacy and fears the intrusion of uncivilized aliens.