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"If the connector block was wired incorrectly, there is a risk of overheating which in extreme circumstances could lead to a fire.
In order to connect the gas tube to the barrel and keep it as compact as possible, I made a right angle connector block from 3/8" keystock.
The company was searching for a way to reduce scrap, as well as shrink overall device volume, so it pre-assembled the system in one stack with the correct number of contacts, an end cap and a connector block with a set screw for mechanical fixation of the lead.
An investigation by the HSA found a white connector block was incorrectly wired.
* The ability to connect the digital input and digital outputs together in a cable assembly or connector block.
Santin first used such a tool to mold a glass-filled PC part (3 x 2 x 0.5 in.) for a finely ribbed connector block to be used by Pitney Bowes of Stamford, Conn.
For instance, one Philips Medical supplier manufactures the connector block, which accepts the electrical connections that monitor the patient.