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Law the tacit encouragement of or assent to another's wrongdoing, esp (formerly) of the petitioner in a divorce suit to the respondent's adultery



in Soviet criminal law, deliberate failure to prevent the commission of a crime when the possibility of taking steps necessary to stop or prevent the crime existed. A person is criminally liable for connivance only when prevention of the crime is his official or legal duty. In such cases the guilty person is subject to punishment for abuse of authority or official position and failure to help persons in danger or for failure to report a crime, if liability is provided for by law.

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The suspect also killed in connivance with his accomplices Khazan Gul (killed) and Sadiqullah aka Umar Khattab police constable Anwar Khan Mehsud s/o Noor Khan when he was sitting on Chinnar Hotel in Pakhtunabad area of the Manghopir police station.
The manner in which these units are running right under the nose of the government agencies clearly points to a clear case of connivance.
Achmatova, Nina, 'Greek Catholic Patriarch: Orthodox connivance with Stalin undermines our relations, AsiaNews.
Medina said events happened "with the connivance of some penitentiary authorities" and noted that several officials including the jail director, his deputy, the head of security and 18 guards were removed from their jobs and are to be investigated.
Lahore, Mar 14(ANI): The insurgents in Balochistan are Indians operating in connivance with US security firm Blackwater, former Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) Punjab chief Brigadier (retired) Mohammad Aslam Ghuman has alleged.
And once more, WikiLeaks has come up trumps, confirming what all decent people already suspected: that the decision to free Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was a Whitehall connivance over fears for lost trade, rather than merely a crackpot decision taken by the Scottish executive on the ludicrous grounds of compassion for a monster who murdered 270 innocents.
Talking to Daily Times, Bukhari said transfer of land by the land mafia in connivance with patwaries would be controlled.
It seems unlikely he'll achieve his ambitions in Britain any day soon but with the connivance of spineless prison authorities, he may well convert Belmarsh.
Our own leaders have led us into this situation with the connivance of the media.
Levels of capital flight from Africa are estimated at more than $150bn a year--and are being achieved with the connivance and co-operation of many of the West's best known financial institutions, according to Tax Justice Network for Africa (TJNA), a pan African campaign group.
Lugovoy told a news conference: "Even if (British special services) hadn't done it itself, it was done under its control or connivance.