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(kŏnkwĭs`tədôr, Span. kōng-kē'stäthôr`), military leader in the Spanish conquest of the New World in the 16th cent. Francisco PizarroPizarro, Francisco
, c.1476–1541, Spanish conquistador, conqueror of Peru. Born in Trujillo, he was an illegitimate son of a Spanish gentleman and as a child was an illiterate swineherd.
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, the conqueror of Peru, and Hernán CortésCortés, Hernán,
or Hernando Cortez
, 1485–1547, Spanish conquistador, conqueror of Mexico. Expedition to Mexico

Cortés went (1504) first to Hispaniola and later (1511) accompanied Diego de Velázquez to Cuba.
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, the conqueror of Mexico, were the greatest of the conquistadors. The name is frequently used to mean any daring, ruthless adventurer.


See P. Horgan, Conquistadors in North American History (1963); F. A. Kirkpatrick, The Spanish Conquistadores (2d ed. 1967).

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History an adventurer or conqueror, esp one of the Spanish conquerors of the New World in the 16th century
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Then, when chocolate was sipped, it was a watery, caustically-cold drink made from crushed cacoa beans--served to those conquistadors in golden goblets.
WOOD says the conquistadors completely changed people's conception of the world.
No sooner had the empire fallen than the conquistadors became involved in bitter and bloody conflicts.
Stone presents a thought-provoking study that revolves around the principal idea "that the conquistadors left a heritage in Central American societies" (p.
Deliberately manipulating his reports to glorify his own achievements, he set the pattern for the mythification of the conquistadors.
But, he concludes, "The vertical and totalitarian structure of the Tahuanitinsuyo (Inca empire) was without doubt more harmful to its survival than all the conquistadors' firearms and iron weapons." Without diminishing the achievements of the native populations or the abuses of the Spaniards, Vargas Llosa stresses that even after independence was achieved in the Americas, the abuses continued.
The Conquistadors of VR-57 have proudly flown the C-9 for 25 years and look forward to a future with the C-40A.
Cortes landed in Mexico in 1519, with his army of conquistadors (kahn-KEES-tuh-dawrz), or conquerors.
IN news evocative of the days of Cortes, the conquistadors at mining group Brancote announced yesterday that they had discovered more gold in Argentina.
Many assumptions about the decline of the Mayas during the Post Classic period come from the writings of Spanish conquistadors and clergy, says Diane Chase, who may have had distorted views of what they saw as an inferior cultture.
Figural conquistadors; rewriting the New World's discovery and conquest in Mexican and River Plate novels of the 1980s and 1990s.
This sequel to Enchanted Runner can stand on its own, and the carefully researched details of Kendall's time with the Acoma, the snake dance, and the battle with the conquistadors in 1599 (further explained in an Author's Note at the end) will captivate readers who like historical fiction, gruesome details of violent deaths and amputations notwithstanding.