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/konz/ or /kons/ [LISP, "construct"] A Lisp function which takes an element H and a list T and returns a new list whose head is H and whose tail is T.

In Lisp, "cons" is the most fundamental operation for building structures. It actually takes any two objects and returns a "dotted-pair" or two-branched tree with one object hanging from each branch. Because the result of a cons is an object, it can be used to build binary trees of any shape and complexity.
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West Bromwich East: Con 2960, Lab 3679, Lib Dem 1348.
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The interview of con artists represents a significant challenge in the investigation of frauds committed by this type of criminal.
So if your building is in the middle of a high usage DC area such as in Midtown, Downtown or the Garment Center, and is not located at the end of a long main, Con Edison isn't going to be eliminating much equipment simply because you are convening to AC.
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Energy Controls that provides monitoring equipment for heating systems, "The way its been treated in the past, is that if the burner broke down, you would call up Con Ed and say you have to use gas, and they won't give you a fine.
7 millones de unidades, con respecto al pronostico de 875,805 en 2002, con un gasto de mas de US$500 millones anuales en los dispositivos y en computadoras personales miniatunizadas, segun IDC Latin America.