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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Meaning to make sacred, it is an act by which the profane is dedicated to the gods. It differs from a blessing in that it is irrevocable, constituting a transformation in the essence of the item or person. Repetition would be unnecessary. In this sense, any area used by Witches remains consecrated even after the ritual is over, the circle has been opened, and the participants have left.

Consecration is done with water to which salt has been added (making it "holy water") and with incense. It can also be done with holy oil, or chrism.

Witches consecrate all their working tools, such as the athamé, sword, wand, pentacle, the circle in which they meet and the participants within that circle. Anything and anyone so consecrated is dedicated to the service of the gods.

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This book is, therefore, recommended for all Christians who are desirous of living consecrated lives according to the dictates and command of God.
Without the consecrated hands of a priest, there is no Eucharist.
It is thought Bishop Harris's funeral will be held at the cathedral he consecrated next week.
Consecrated persons, for their part, grasped the strong call to live in a state of conversion for accomplishing their specific mission in the Church: to be witnesses of Christ, epiphany of the love of God in the world, recognizable signs of reconciled humanity.
The author compares Israel to Apartheid in South Africa and presents a rigorous argument regarding how the 1993 Oslo process consecrated Apartheid in Israel.
Very few who visit it, however, are familiar with the story behind the basilica or the devotion to which it is consecrated, and even many historians fail to understand why during the early years of the Third Republic the Sacred Heart was central to a cultural and political struggle over French national identity.
George Boyd's play, Consecrated Ground, relates the experiences of a few citizens of Africville in the days preceding the final destruction of the Halifax community.
Augustine went to Arles in France to be consecrated as " bishop of the English, " then returned and, with Ethelbert's support of his mission, baptized ten thousand converts the same year.
We will also discuss priestly life and consecrated persons.
AS we prepare for the coming of our savior Jesus Christ in this Advent season, we also enter the Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons as declared by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).
Download Moussa: President powers consecrated by Constitution NNA - MP Michel Moussa on Thursday underlined that the powers of the president of the republic are consecrated by the Constitution, denying that House Speaker Nabih Berri's stance on revoking the salary scale bill aims to yield pressure of President Michel Aoun.
2 celebrating the feast of the Presentation of the Lord, which the church marks as the World Day for Consecrated Life.