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Meaning to make sacred, it is an act by which the profane is dedicated to the gods. It differs from a blessing in that it is irrevocable, constituting a transformation in the essence of the item or person. Repetition would be unnecessary. In this sense, any area used by Witches remains consecrated even after the ritual is over, the circle has been opened, and the participants have left.

Consecration is done with water to which salt has been added (making it "holy water") and with incense. It can also be done with holy oil, or chrism.

Witches consecrate all their working tools, such as the athamé, sword, wand, pentacle, the circle in which they meet and the participants within that circle. Anything and anyone so consecrated is dedicated to the service of the gods.

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Other ceremonies extant today, specifically those for consecration of a virgin, reveal much about older traditions regarding women's service in the church.
GRAND FEAST (TSHOGS 'KHOR): Mostly observed in elaborate consecrations, grand ritual feasts are meant to appease the Dakas and Dakinis, and seek their assistance in the accumulation of merit and purification of negative Karma.
The photography of the schismatic Consecration in Kenya clearly shows Bishop Harvey as part of the circle at the imposition of hands--not staying passively in his place.
The Diptagama is often designated as a pratistha-tantra (a treatise on ritual consecration), and it is a well-organized text primarily devoted to the construction of temple structures, the fabrication of liturgical icons, and the rites of consecration by which these are sanctified or enlivened.
You believe that the consecration was done as Our Lady requested in 1984, so why did Pope John Paul II at the end add "enlighten especially the peoples whose consecration and entrustment by us you are awaiting?" The entire consecration including these words by the Pope was reported in L'Osservatore Romano, in Italian and English editions, shortly afterwards.
On May 18, 1961, Bishop Kal'ata, S.J., consecrated Jesuit Father Peter Dubovsky, through whom the valid apostolic succession of Koinotes consecrations and ordinations would eventually be traced....
Archbishop of Caterbury George Carey later condemned the consecrations.
In an interview after his lecture, he said he "rather regrets" the recent consecrations in Singapore of Americans John Rodgers and Charles Murphy.
Carey said the consecrations were valid but irregular, meaning the men wouldn't have to be consecrated again if they were ever elected to a diocese in the U.S.
George Carey, who is the leader of the world's 70 million Anglicans, has branded the consecrations as "irresponsible and irregular," and sent a letter to all Anglican bishops worldwide to criticize the Singapore initiative.
Primate Michael Peers called the consecrations "an open and premeditated assault on Anglican tradition, catholic order and Christian charity." In a statement released Feb.
A statement from the office of George Carey, the archbishop of Canterbury, said the move was a cause of "grave disappointment" to the head of the Anglican Communion, "as it is his (Dr Carey's) view that such consecrations are irresponsible and irregular, and only harm the unity of the communion."