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Singh emphsised on the need for adequate allocation of funds and a robust monitoring mechanism to realise policy objectives concerned with conservation of wildlife habitats.
The sustainable cocoa program includes standards for worker treatment and conservation of wildlife, water and soil.
SIR - Royston Jones of Brecon (July 26), says, 'As for conservation of wildlife, conservation is one of the worst things that could happen to any species.'
Clearly, humanity has yet to find a way to live on this planet that will allow the conservation of wildlife, of ecosystems, or even of our own species.
The amendments to the Bonn Convention (on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals) and the Berne Convention (on the Conservation of Wildlife and of Natural Environment of Europe) will come into force on February 14 and March 1 respectively.
'Through this and future projects in the Sustainable Communities initiative, we hope to extend our conservation of wildlife habitat to urban areas,' says project director Guy Williams of NWF's Great Lakes Natural Resource Center[umlaut].
Susan Jacobson, who directs the Program for Studies in Tropical Conservation at the University of Florida, Gainesville, provides an excellent, focused introduction to this collection of 15 case studies of "exemplary education and communication programs that have contributed to the conservation of wildlife and natural resources around the world." Conservation education seeks to increased public knowledge and support for conservation, foster a conservation ethic, enhance technical capabilities of resource managers and more.
1936 National Wildlife Federation is founded to educate public about conservation of wildlife and habitats in U.S.
They requested the court to declare the government's act of asking them to utilise only interest on that 80 per cent revenue (their share) against the scheme of management and conservation of wildlife through VCCs and fatal to conservation of their natural resources.
Strengthening and conservation of biodiversity in and around highly conservation value forests areas are the top priority area besides identification of such landscapes for better conservation of wildlife and protection of its corridors besides effective use of biodiversity elements on sustainable basis for promotion of eco-tourism and watershed services.
Wambi thanked the local community for their support in the conservation of wildlife and urged for patience as the matter was being addressed.

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