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1. Med (of treatment) designed to alleviate symptoms
2. Physics a field of force, system, etc., in which the work done moving a body from one point to another is independent of the path taken between them


in Britain, Canada, and elsewhere
1. of, supporting, or relating to a Conservative Party
2. of, relating to, or characterizing Conservative Judaism
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Notice that with the choice of S given above, the numerical scheme shares the same properties of the continuous FP equation that guarantee positiveness and conservativeness. This is a special case of the CC scheme because in the general one, the functions B and C may depends on (x,t), hence also [delta] may depend on (x, t), too.
The neighbouring country has repeatedly complained that even the establishment of bilateral banking ties was being delayed because of Islamabad's 'conservativeness', while the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project remains frozen.
After independent tuning of designed parameters, the influence of uncertainties are alleviated through adding the conservativeness of control gains.
Mendes, "Reducing conservativeness in recent stability conditions of TS fuzzy systems," Automatica, vol.
The conservativeness and specificity indicate that they are functional [26].
The matrix [P.sub.k], [Q.sub.ik], [R.sub.ik], i [member of] (1,2), k [member of] (1,2,...,p), reduces the conservativeness of the proposed method.
Since system nominal model is adopted for the sliding mode predictive controller, high modeling accuracy is required, which may result in certain conservativeness. In our future work, uncertainties of modeling errors and parameter perturbations will be further considered and the model-based control strategy will be improved to reduce conservativeness.
The existence of a special modelling technique, which is similar for Corded Ware vessels in a rather wide region, can thus probably prove the conservativeness of Corded Ware culture bearers on this stage of pottery-making.
Summary: It is safe to say that since day one of his reign Pope Francis has turned his back on tradition, defying the conservativeness of the Holy See.
The result of this study is in line with Carpenter and Johnson (1983) about the aggressive approach or the conservativeness policies of the firm regarding working capital and their financial and operating risk.
In spite of its headquarters' name, the 117-year-old Murugappa Group is known for its caution, collective decision-making and conservativeness. Sometime last year, however, celebrations broke out at Dare House.
Deflationism, Arithmetic, and the Argument from Conservativeness, DANIEL WAXMAN

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