consistency index

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relative consistency

Of a soil, the ratio of the liquid limit minus the natural water content to the plasticity index.
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Polymer Consistency Index Power Law Temperature Coefficient Region, C HDPE 2.0 x [10.sup.4] 0.41 180 LDPE 6.0 x [10.sup.3] 0.39 160 Nylon 66 6.0 x [10.sup.2] 0.66 290 PC 6.0 x [10.sup.2] 0.98 300 PP 7.5 x [10.sup.3] 0.38 200 PS 2.8 x [10.sup.4] 0.28 170 PVC 1.7 x [10.sup.4] 0.26 180 Source: International Plastics Handbook, Table 3.11
There was no significant difference in cotton fiber quality in any of the analyzed variables with the five different work speeds of the harvester: spinning consistency index, cotton moisture, micronaire index, cotton fiber maturity, mean upper half length, fiber content or index, resistance, elongation at fiber breakage, degree of reflectance, yellowing index, impurities content, length uniformity index, and the percentage of the area occupied by the sum of the impure particles (Tables 2 and 3).
where CI is the consistency index and maximum lambda is the largest eigenvalue of the n-order matrix.
Evidence correction based on the reliability index and consistency index. By the introduction of the Matusita distance function and closeness degree function, the reliability degree and consistency degree of evidences are calculated.
If the consistency index is close to zero, then the suggested algorithm can be applied, but condition (2) holds only approximately.
Table 1 shows the results of the flow behavior index (n) and the consistency index (K) of the fermented milk drinks.
Table 1 Determination of the most important risk group with a view to their compensation Risk group Operational Technological Regulatory and technical Operational 1 1/3 4 Technological 3 1 5 and technical Regulatory 1/4 1/5 1 Financial 1 1/3 2 Total 5.25 1.86 12.00 Risk group Financial Normalized Rang estimates of the priority vector Operational 1 0.2164 2 Technological 3 0.5216 1 and technical Regulatory 1/2 0.0801 4 Financial 1 0.1820 3 Total 5.50 Consistency index CI = 0,024 Consistency relation CR = 0.027 = 2.7 % Table 2 Determination of the importance of alternatives Alternative Assessment of the Rang importance of the alternative Transferring risk 0.2115 3 Reducing risk 0.4427 1 Taking risk 0.3458 2
Consistency Index. Based on Proposition 1, we define the consistency index (CI) to measure the deviation of the pairwise comparison vectors [A.sub.B] and [A.sub.W] from consistency.
It has a high CRI (color rendering index) as well as a high TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index), and an eight-inch SCHOTT glass lens maintains single shadow traditional Fresnel beam shaping.
Consistency index (CI) values for the first-level indicator (literature applicability") and the second-level indicators (pertinence and timeliness" and quality of results") were 0.0325 0.0012 and 0.0001 respectively.