consistency index

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relative consistency

Of a soil, the ratio of the liquid limit minus the natural water content to the plasticity index.
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Table 1 shows the results of the flow behavior index (n) and the consistency index (K) of the fermented milk drinks.
where, (RCI) is a random consistency index defined in Table 2.
The consistency index for the deterministic matrix cannot be used.
The consistency index (CI) was calculated to test whether logical errors existed among the indicators with CI less than 0.
Conveniently, the consistency index m appears only as a constant of proportionality in Eq.
Again, the research in [13,14] proposed to use the index by comparing it with the appropriate random consistency index through picking randomly generated reciprocal matrix using the scale: 1/9, 1/8, .
To obtain questionnaire responses from 12 experts, an AHP meeting was held at the National Taiwan Normal University on 18 June 2004 and the consistency index among the responses was lower than 0.
1]), n is the flow behaviour index, k is the consistency index ([Ns.