consistency limits

Atterberg limits

In plastic soils, the water contents (determined by standard tests) which define the boundaries between the different states of consistency of plastic soils. Also see liquid limit, plastic limit, shrinkage limit.
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It was noted that the consistency limits, moisture density properties, compressive and bearing strength of treated soil samples were improved significantly, while the fatigue test showed a durable stabilised sample with considerable reduction in swelling of the electrolyte lignin stabilised samples [8].
Consistency limits test, compaction test and mineralogical classification test were carried out on the laterite samples.
Atterberg consistency limits, direct shear, the California bearing ratio (CBR), and swelling index tests were used on the cured samples, all tests to ASTM, and Indian standards.
Results show that the FA additive is very active on the consistency limits of the soil.
The present study comprises an experimental investigation and is aimed at to investigate the suitability of marble powder to be used as the stabilizer for increasing the strength of weak clayey soil of Nawabshah town (Pakistan).To achieve the aim, a series of the tests was conducted in order to determine the various properties, such as particle size distribution, consistency limits, soil classification, optimum moisture content, moisture-density relationship (maximum dry density),shear parameters, bearing capacity, and swelling ratio of the local clayey soil with different proportions of the marble powder.
The results of the consistency limits (Plastic and Liquid Limit) determined for soils with and without marble powder are composed in Table 3.
Consistency limits (Atterberg limits) have been repeatedly shown to be useful indicators of clay behaviour (Jefferson and Rogers, 1998; Dolinar et al., 2007).
Most have been focused on investigating SMCs' electrokinetic properties, such as zeta potential, cation exchange capacity, electrical conductivity, etc; however, no comprehensive study has been found comparing SMC contact angles and consistency limits. This paper was thus aimed at investigating the effect of seven surfactants (zwitterion, nonionic, anionic, and cationic surfactants) on smectite clay's consistency limits and contact angles.
The plastic limits are also called the Atterberg consistency limits in tribute to the work of Atterberg (1911).
McBride (1989) investigated consistency limits for 290 soil horizons with clay contents ranging from 5 to 94%, and presented mean water potentials of 694-1051 hPa for PL and 30-98 hPa for LL.
So I point out examples that I just observed or that they just reported about parts of parenting that are going smoothly and ask, "How did you get that to go so well?" Then I analyze the components of their success, which usually include consistency limits, agreement of both parents, and clear emotions.
With the aim of classifying the material, consistency limits are given in Table 2.